Who We Are

We are Tech Geeks that understand how to make Business Software work for you, not you serving the software.

We have earned Computer Science, Applied Psychology, and MBA degrees from well known schools. We pulled the curtain back off of Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation platforms and want to enlighten you with a better way to conduct your business.

Industries We Serve

  • SMB
  • Higher Education
  • BioTech
  • Pharma
  • Tech
  • Marketing Agencies

What We Do

We run “The iNet Process”, a systematic method (told you we were geeks) of taking the complex and breaking it down into digestible, manageable parts so that big challenge CRM implementation project isn’t so scary after all.  We will work with you to clean and migrate the data,  then train your team so that you have high user adoption, and check back with you after 90 days to iron out all the kinks.

So do you want to see how The iNet Process can work for you?

Our Work Philosophy

1. Discovery

Our consultants conduct an independent process audit to create a baseline for your sales or marketing functions and learn your business initiatives, touch points, goals, and challenges.
We will roll up our sleeves and get to work to provide you with a summary that you can improve upon. 

The iNet Process

2. Recommendations

From the Marketing Audit, we craft customized recommendations for your businesses unique needs allowing you to create a project roadmap in the areas that matter: your team, process, data, reporting, and technology.

3. Design

Our team then creates the blueprints, the lead nurturing flows, the lead scoring models, the reporting dashboards. We have the frameworks and recipes that work.

4. BuildOut

We implement the business systems and recommendations for you as an extension of your team or coach you through doing it yourself.

5. Training

We will not merely install a business software platform and walk away. iNet Process Consultants realize that the key to success for any business software platform is training your team members on how to maximize the use to be successful. We will train your team to fluency level with the Marketing Automation or CRM software.

6. Measurement & Refinement

After 90 days, iNet Process analyzes your results, compares them to the baseline created from the marketing audit, and then help refine the programs and systems for the best results possible for your business.


We have no official open positions at the moment.

But we are always looking for Marketing Automation and CRM Process Consultants and those that understand and love Marketing Automation and CRM Software like we do.  Have SugarCRM or Act-On Certifications?  Even better.

Click on the Contact Us Tab and introduce yourself.  Give us your LinkedIn profile and let’s connect!.