Marketing Automation, Simplicity Without Comprising Functionality

Marketing Automation doesn’t have to be complicated. A company don’t need to hire a team of Marketing Technologists to implement your system. Act-On is fully functional Marketing Automation Software Platform and has a straight forward user interface that you can learn quickly. Easy implementation making campaigns simple to set up. Act-On is used by solo marketers in small companies and by corporations as large as LEGO. Best of all, Act-On will integrate with all of the leading Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM). Integrating with all the leading CRMs allows marketers to hand off leads to sales and pass real time data effortlessly for maximum ROI.
Marketing Automation simplicity without comprising functionality
Support Beyond Comparison

Support Beyond Comparison

Ever buy a product and a short time after the implementation the company is nowhere to be found? You will never be left to fend for yourself by Act-On. Their customer service team is available when needed by email or via phone and staffed people in North America. Isn’t it nice to know in this age of outsourcing, that a company prides itself on taking care of its customers?

In addition to the outstanding customer support, Act-On will assign a Customer Success Manager to help you and your team learn the system and maximizing your ROI with Act-On. When new features come out, the Customer Success Manager will make sure you are up to date and ready.

Act-on Anywhere

Act-On Anywhere is a Chrome extension giving you and your sales team access to your Act-On content, functionality, and engagement data as you browse sites or use the cloud-based applications that are part of your day-to-day workflow:

  • Content Authoring for Joomla, WordPress, & Drupal
  • Social Publishing using multimedia contents from Act-On
  • SEO Auditing while creating content
  • CRM Pairing with SugarCRM
  • LinkedIn Prospecting
  • Gmail Communication
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Act-on anywhere
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

To this day, email remains one of the most productive marketing tool at your disposal. Act-On’s Email Marketing functionality comprises more than just an email composer. Act-On provides the logic and automation to glean critical data of:

  • Who Opened
  • Who Clicked Through
  • What Prospects Interact With On Your Website

Act-On’s drag and drop user interface makes composing professional, personalized and powerful emails quick and easy.

Events & Webinars

  • Integration With Cisco WebEx And Citrix GoToWebinar
  • Manage All Planning Activities
  • Increase Attendance And Engage Attendees Before The Event
  • Automate Post Event Follow-up
  • Simple 1, 2, 3 Process
Events and webinars

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a proven method of turning leads into buyers by systematically providing useful information to prospects in a timely manner. Building this relationship builds trust over time as well as keeping your brand at the forefront with potential buyers. Use Act-On’s result producing, lead nurturing tools to simplify your sales cycle.

Inbound Marketing – Attract and convert your ideal buyers

  • SEO Audit Tool – To check and increase your organic search results
  • Social Media Management – To provide insights into online conversations about your brand
  • Website Prospecting Tool – To know who is on your website, not just how many unique unknown visitors, and set up real time alerts for your Sales Team
  • Landing Pages – To allow you to provide targeted campaign content to support specific campaign efforts
  • Web Forms – To allow you to capture prospect information

SugarCRM Integration

Act-On’s seamless integration with SugarCRM makes it easier to deliver highly qualified leads directly to your Sales Team. It enables you to shorten your company’s sales cycle to get measurable, revenue producing results. Act-On adds to a 360 degree view of your customer and makes your Sales Team better prepared for the next sales call.

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