Bring and Integrate Sugar in Gmail

Collabspot has created a Chrome extension that integrates SugarCRM into Gmail. In other words, a bridge between your CRM information and your inbox, creating a great productivity tool.


Collabspot & Gmail

  • Access essential Sugar 7 features from your Gmail Sidebar
  • Save Time from switching from Sugar 7 to Gmail
  • Boost Sales Productivity
  • Email Reminders, Tracking and Templates to power up your sales email
  • Maintain up to date and quality data in Sugar 7
  • Ensure CRM utilization and Boost your Sales Team

Work in Gmail

  • Sugar 7 is integrated within Gmail and all key actions can be done there
  • Gmail Sidebar displays all information about the contact from Sugar 7, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • One click and automatic copying of emails from Gmail to Sugar 7
  • Automatic synching of Google Apps Calendar and Gmail contacts with Sugar 7
  • Automated reminders to follow up on emails sent to leads, email tracking to find how they engaged and with easy task updates in Gmail
  • Create and use email templates that can easily be shared with the whole sales team.
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