Why Choose iNet Process To Implement Your Company’s CRM Software?

5-steps-manage-customer-journey-b2b-successiNet Process goal is to streamline your Sales Process & make your results exceed your expectations.

iNet Process consultants understand that engagement with your prospects and customers is what makes your successful. It’s why they actively listen to understand you, your customer personas, and processes so that we maximize our impact on your bottom line.

Learn How to Successfully Manage the B2B Customer Journey

Do you find yourself or your company facing any of the following problems or challenges with your CRM? If you answer yes to any of these questions, contact us today for a no obligation 30 minute consultation. 

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Low Adoption or Failed Implementation?

Low adoption or usage of a CRM by your sales team is usually caused by lack of training or the process of using the CRM Software being out of sync with your sales team’s processes.

iNet Process has vast experience in correcting sales processes and making teams more efficient and gaining more ROI from their CRM software.  Contact us today and allow iNet Process to give you a free consultation on your CRM software management.

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Out Grown Your Current CRM Solution?

The processes and software that moved your company from a 10 to 15 employees most likely will not allow you to scale to 25 to 30 employees. Whether your company been using a spreadsheet to track your customers or using a lower end solution that just doesn’t do everything you need it to, consider the following:

  • Is your current solution scalable?
  • Can your current CRM solution send your sales team text alerts when a key prospect engages with your website?
  • Is your Current Solution backed up in case of damage to the hosting device?

 The rise of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is changing the way enterprises use customer relationship management (CRM) software. Read this white paper on SugarCRM.

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Confused On Which CRM Deployment Option To Choose?

There are many deployment option to choose from when selecting a SaaS based CRM. Those include Self Hosted, On Demand, iNet Process Managed Cloud Solutions, or IBM SmartCloud.

There are many considerations to carefully evaluate along the decision path that include:

  • Does your Sales Team need mobile access to your CRM Data?
  • What are your company’s IT and Security requirements?
  • Does your company have HIPPA or other regulatory requirements?
  • Do you have an ERP Sytem or Marketing Automation System that must remain in Sync with the CRM?
  • Do you have a budget and Staff to manage a self hosted CRM?

 iNet Process is well versed in handling complex deployment roll outs.

Choose the CRM Deployment Option right for your company
Large Data Migration Experts

Concerned About Moving A Large CRM Database?

Moving a large database and ensuring that all the pieces fit together again is a very serious matter.

There are many considerations to carefully evaluate along the decision path that include:

  • What are the data field names and are they still revelvant to your sales process?
  • Who are the subject matter experts in your business? Do they use the data every day?
  • Do you have a data governance policy?
  • When was the last time you cleansed your Sales Data?
  • When was the last time you validated your Sales Rules and Procedures?
  • Do you have any cross dependencies in your data sources?

 iNet Process is well versed in handling complex Data migration projects. We never attempt to go live in one push of data, Our consultants will actively listen to your team’s key team members, learn your processes, make recommendations to help you refine processes, and implement your CRM project smoothly. 

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How We Do This: The iNet Process for CRM

1. Discovery

Our consultants conduct a Sales Process Audit to create a baseline and learn your business initiatives, touch points, goals, and challenges.  iNet Process will provide a summary of your existing marketing systems and processes.

Rolling up our sleeves to help you out

2. Recommendations

From the Sales Process Audit, we craft customized recommendations for your Sales Team unique needs allowing you to create a project roadmap for your CRM Transition in the areas that matter: your team, processes, data, reporting, and technology.

Customized Recommendations to make the CRM work for you, not the other way around

3. Design

Our team then creates the Sales Processes, the Custom Modules to support those modules, and the reporting dashboards to measure the success. We provide frameworks to develop your company achieve desired results.

CRM Reporting Dashboards

4. Build Out

We execute the design including business software,  processes, and training for you as an extension of your team. We implement each package to the specific requirements of the client. 


5. Training

After everything is moved over, iNet Process will train your CRM Administrator and your Sales Team Users to make the transition to your new CRM painless for your business.

Training is Key to CRM adoption

6. Measurement & Refinement

After 90 days, iNet Process analyzes your results, compares them to the baseline created from the Sales Process Audit, and then helps refine the programs and systems for the best results possible for your business.

Measure and Refine is key to the iNet Process
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