Consumers today are engaging with brands and processing content in more varied ways than ever before, largely due to the multi-channel phenomenon we have seen developing in recent years. Typically when we watch TV, we now also browse the internet, shop on smartphones or chat with our friends via social networks at the same time.

Today’s buyer demands more personalized attention, something marketers can only accomplish via automation.  Marketing automation captures buyer behavior, which is by far the greatest untapped asset marketers have today. Marketing Automation software lets us know which specific content buyers are consuming and provides information about how they consume it.  Apart from knowing which content is being consumed we are also able to pinpoint the channel that is most popular through A/B Testing throught the buyer journey. This data is of utmost importance to a digital marketer, as it give both the marketer and the brand the means to channel their resources towards the right areas.

Millennial Media and comScore reveal which types of online content are consumed by internet users in the United States on mobile devices compared to desktop computers. According to the data, 56% of online content is now consumed via smartphones (44%) and tablets (12%) while just 44% is consumed on desktop computers.  Data such as this is available to marketers in real time with Marketing Automation software.

Do you:

  • Need to know where your website visitors are coming from?
  • Need to know what excites your prospects about your product?
  • Need one single dashboard for all your marketing needs?
  • Need the ability to publish, engage, and conduct sentiment analysis on social media?

If you answered yes to more than one of the above, then you are need marketing automation. iNet Process and ActOn Software can help you with Lead scoring, lead nurturing along with all aspects of inbound marketing with data driven marketing.

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