iNet Process's goal is to make you look like a marketing genius with marketing results exceeding your expectations.

iNet Process consultants understand that engagement with your customers is what makes your company’s marketing successful. We take the time to understand your company’s culture, your customer personas, and your processes to create a positive impact on your bottom line.

iNet Process Creates Process Alignment Between Sales and Marketing

We know how to integrate your lead generation (marketing automation) and your sales management systems (CRM) to make you more efficient and effective. We can help you have a positive impact on your bottom line. 

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We build the process to align sales and marketing teams.

Establishing Buyer Personas

Understanding your target audience is a must for using any marketing automation system.  iNet Process will help you develop your Lead Nurturing Campaigns using tailored and tested messaging to identify and engage your target prospect.

Developing the Buyer Journey

Once you understand your target personas, the next step in the process is to develop the Buyer’s Journey. iNet Process will help your team identify the milestones along your prospect’s path to becoming a customer.   With an identified Buyer Journey, your company will be positioned to maximize the ROI from Marketing Automation Software. 

Keep in mind that the journey does not stop once a prospect becomes your customer.  Contact our consultants to learn how to turn more prospects into customers and get repeat business from your existing customer base.

Developing Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Some marketers say I feel like I’ve drowning in a sea of content, but what I still need is more content.

Fear not marketers, it’s not the content you have, but how it’s purposed through your campaigns.  iNet Process is skilled at helping companies re-purpose old content in new ways.  Re-purposing your content will generate more leads to maximize ROI from lead nurturing campaigns. 

Developing and Refining Lead Scoring

Once you have constructed the content and the campaigns to generate leads, you need a method to differentiate hot prospects from those that are just kicking the tires. Lead Scoring is part art and part science.  iNet Process helps clients map the milestones in their Buyer’s Journey to a customized Lead Scoring System. 

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Gated Content and Progressive Profiling

How to Progressive Profile prospects

Content is a tool. It’s the means to get a visitor’s contact information as part of your inbound marketing strategy.  Marketing Automation Software allow you to gate your content with tailored landing pages and provide Progressive Forms that allow you to gather specific information throughout the Buyer’s Journey. 

Connect with our consultants to identify the right kind of content for use behind gated access and how to use progressive profiling to maximize your content’s lead gathering value. 

How we do this: The iNet Process

1. Discovery

Our consultants conduct a marketing audit to create a baseline and learn your business initiatives, touch points, goals, and challenges. Using a combination of digital marketing tools and customer interviews, iNet Process will provide a summary of your existing marketing systems and processes.


2. Recommendations

From the Marketing Audit, we craft customized recommendations for your business’s unique needs allowing you to create a project roadmap in the areas that matter: your team, processes, data, reporting, and technology.


3. Design

Our team then creates the blueprints, the lead nurturing flows, the lead scoring models, and the reporting dashboards. We provide frameworks to help your company achieve desired results.


4. BuildOut

We execute the design including business software,  processes, and training for you as an extension of your team. We implement each package to the specific requirements of the client. 


5. Training

After everything is setup, iNet Process will train your Marketing Team and your Sales Users to make the transition to your new Marketing Automation System seamless for your business.


6. Measurement & Refinement

After 90 days, iNet Process analyzes your results, compares them to the baseline created from the marketing audit, and then helps refine the programs and systems for the best results possible for your business.


No project is too large or too small.  If it matters to clients, then our team members are willing to help your business be successful. We look forward to getting to know you and creating a lasting satisfied customer relationship.

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