If you opened up your database in your CRM  and it smelled like 3 day old tuna, you need to read this.

What would you say if I asked you what your business’s most valuable asset is?

Your employees?

Your technology?

Your customers?

Take Care of Employees-Data-Customers-and-Prospects

Bet you wouldn’t say your Data!

In today’s digital world, your Data is your most valuable asset.  Data allows your Employees to effectively use your Technology to provide an exceptional experience for your Customers.

Data is the catalyst that ties your business together!!

As marketers, we must understand the importance of keeping the database current with valid information for the use of our sales team. Without Good Data, your sales team is flying blind into the next sales call.  How much more effective will your sales team be when given reliable data?

Keeping your data valid & current WILL help your marketing by:

  • Improving email delivery rates
  • Reducing and/or keeping your spam score low
  • Leveraging most from your CRM and Marketing Automation software
  • Finally and most importantly – enabling you to keep track of people who matter the most to you – your customers and prospects

without data quote

Businesses must have an efficient way to update and manage their data. Attend our webinar to find out how you can determine “How fresh is your data?”

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