SugarCRM Phone Integrations

Aavaz provides a set of products and services to fit your calling and other customer touch point needs today, with upgrade paths to your needs tomorrow.

Aavaz Voice Accelerator

Aavaz Voice CCA plug-in for Sugar does more than just add telephony to Sugar, it automatically captures data and streamlines agent workflows by integrating all relevant modules in simple pop-ups. There’s virtually no learning curve, and users don’t know where Aavaz stops and Sugar begins. It is quick and easy to activate with existing phone systems.

Aavaz SMS Accelerator

Aavaz SMS CCA plug-in for Sugar integrates texting capabilities right into Sugar. Send and receive text messages to contacts right from your Sugar interface. Keep all communications tracked in one place instead of in agent phones or outside un-integrated standalone platforms. Your customers are most responsive using SMS and appreciate un-instrusive, time sensitive updates.

Aavaz Web Chat Accelerator

Aavaz Web Chat CCA plug-in is the newest way to allow your customers to reach you for sales and support on your desired acquisition or support platforms. Simple web snippets embed right into your website. Aavaz allows for skills-based routing and even transferring web chats to other departments for specialized handling.
SugarCRM - Aavaz chat center