Quickly integrate business critical solutions that promote better customer experiences and increase sales

Create impact with real data

Modern businesses run on hundreds of different applications that provide the data needed to support the differentiated customer experience.
The challenge for companies of all sizes is that these applications are islands, operating independently and managing their own data. Each application has a piece of the puzzle – critical data that must be combined to seamlessly support an end-to-end business process like quote-to-cash or lead-to-order. However, building integrations to enable these cross-system processes can be cost-prohibitive.
Sugar Integrate solves this problem with a cloud-based integration platform that provides pre-made integrations to over 200 business applications and growing, helping customers fulfill integration needs more efficiently and accelerate business benefits.
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With Sugar Integrate, each integration leverages previous integrations to maximize efficiency and accelerate time to value

Sugar Integrate makes every integration a reusable integration artifact, from custom fields to integration logic, to extending or creating new Adapters. Sugar Integrate provides a one-to-many integration approach in which each subsequent integration takes less time and effort to build.

Sugar Integrate helps you achieve these efficiencies with:

  • Adapters – A Sugar Integrate Adapter is a pre-built API connection resource to a cloud or on-premise an application that normalizes and enhances the native endpoint. Adapters provide standardized access and data specification including normalized APIs, authentication, model schemas, paging, bulk APIs, and event management.

  • Adapter Builder – Users can quickly customize existing Adapters or build new ones using Adapter Builder, which enables users to easily adapt the specifications of the native API endpoint to their needs.

  • Common Resources – Provides a normalized view of data objects (such as “accounts” or “orders”), data mappings and transformations. This single normalized data model effectively eliminates the need for point-to-point mapping of data, saving you the effort and insulating integrations from changes to the endpoint API or data schema.

  • Pre-Built Templates – Sugar Integrate includes pre-built templates that support key business processes, allowing customers to leverage best practices and be up and running in a shorter time period.

  • Procedures – Build reusable and powerful event-based workflows. Users can set automated or manual triggers, orchestrate multiple API calls and data transformations that incorporate business logic, and create reusable resources (templates) and API-accessible Adapter-as-a-Resource within Adapters.

  • Data Loader – Sugar Integrate provides a migration tool that enables organizations to migrate easily from other CX products to Sugar, providing bulk data transfer capabilities, even for systems that do not natively support bulk transfer.

A single platform to future-proof your investment

Business and technology are constantly evolving, sometimes requiring companies to replace key business systems in order to address new requirements or take advantage of the latest technologies.

The Sugar Integrate solution normalizes the thousands of unique endpoints and data models to future-proof your Sugar investment, allowing you to switch business applications without having to re-integrate them with Sugar.


Take Sugar integration to the next level.

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Moving to more modern solutions made easy

Many solution purchasing decisions are delayed because organizations cannot afford to lose their historical customer and sales data that they have spent years gathering and maintaining.
Sugar Integrate eliminates this concern with built-in data transfer capabilities that simplify moving data into Sugar from other CX products, including ones do not natively support bulk data operations.

Here’s all the good stuff

Integrate Processes

Integrate processes

Seamlessly join related processes and leverage customer data across system boundaries.

Maximize efficiency

Maximize efficiency

Leverage over 200 pre-built reusable integration components to build and launch integrations at lightning speed.

Manage centrally

Manage centrally

Develop, deploy, and administer all your integration from a single console.